Height: 5'5"
Measurements -23"-32" (US)

I have been thinking for a while how to introduce May till last week one of my old friends sent me a message after he met her " She is exactly what I needed". Why shouldn't I be a little " shallow" this week to just focus on the physical beauty she carries, after all, men are " visual animals"?

May is in earlier 20s, 170cm tall, 54KG with very nice round firm C cup breasts. When she just met me, she sent me several pictures of her, I can see those were typical professionally taken, very much PSed, I was impressed by her long legs, still wondering how she really looks like. After I met her in person, I was finally convinced yes, she is a real beauty with LONG legs. I took pictures of her by myself, from my own eyes, which I think show more her real beauty of her personality. She is as simple transparent as the water, always has the innocent charming smile on her beautiful face. She has long dark straight hair fits her purity. She is just the dream girl of a man who enjoys the pure, vibrant simple transparent Chinese young lady. She is your ultimate fantasy of a GFE.